Reassurance is all you need
To the guys out their who are not too sure what waxing is all about, and have always thought of giving it a go, but let’s face it are very apprehensive because you have heard it’s painful, which is putting you off the idea! Well here’s the good news, I would describe the feeling of a wax more of a discomfort than a painful feeling and in a very short space of time.

Lycon waxes are formulated for the most sensitive of skins combined with Katie’s years of experience, you will kick yourself for wasting all the time thinking about doing it.

So here’s all you need to know with what happens in a waxing session in three easy to remember steps –

1 – Area is cleaned
2 – Wax is applied
3 – After care

Job Done,

See you in 4 weeks

Have a read of our WAXING PAGE and FAQS PAGE if you would like to delve deeper into the land of wax, It will stand you in good stead in the long run to do so, to reach optimal treatment.

The cost of Men’s waxing is as follows:

M1 Small Back £20.00
M2 Medium Back £25.00
M3 Large Back £30.00
M4 Small Chest £20.00
M5 Medium Chest £25.00
M6 Large Chest £30.00
M7 1/2 Leg £25.00
M8 Full Leg £35.00
M9 Full Arm £24.00
M10 1/2 Arm £18.00
M11 Under Arm £15.00 *
M12 Nose £8.00 *
M13 Ears £8.00 *

Hot wax will be used with areas that have a star *